First-ever pre-heated carbonated drinks in cans

Coca-Cola Japan has announced that it is planning to launch an innovative product that it has been working on for about four years — the first-ever hot fizzy beverage that remains carbonated even when warmed up.

The Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale, in four flavour varieties, will be sold in Japan – pre-heated through vending machines, starting in October.

The product will apparently use technology that will stop carbon dioxide escaping when the drink is warmed to 55˚C. The drinks will be heated by vending machines, rather than by self-heating cans which are ‘powered’ via a chemical reaction.

Although Coca-Cola Japan claims Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale will be the world’s first hot carbonated soda, another rival Japanese beverage manufacturer, Kirin, is also set to launch its own version called Kirin no Awa in November, based on a product it launched last year.

The two companies said they believe the new hot beverages will help expand demand for carbonated drinks during the winter months.

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