Cup brews its own Espresso

The Piamo somewhat resembles a salt and pepper grinder, but it’s actually a cup and a espresso maker in one. The compact coffee maker is able to brew a fresh cup of  espresso just by adding water, and microwaving it for 30 seconds.

The coffee set comes with a cup, water chamber, filter inlay, and filter cap. The water chamber and filters all snap together. The filter containing the coffee grounds and the water chamber are flipped over before the user places the set in the microwave for a few seconds.

The pressure of the steam created as the cup heats up, forces the water through the coffee in the filter to create a shot of espresso that’s ready to be drank straight from the microwave.

Piamo was designed by German-based inventors, Christoph and Hendrik Meyl, with help from the design studio Lunar Europe. The product is currently raising money on the crowdfunding website Startnext. You can be one of the first customers to receive a Piamo by pledging €40.

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