Cooling technology to replace drinks refrigeration

Enviro-Cool (UK) Limited has created a rapid drinks cooling technology with the potential to replace the need for drinks refrigeration in shops and homes across Europe as well as beverage merchandisers.

The technology chills a can from room temperature to chilled (5°C) in fewer than 45 seconds using technology based on a Rankine vortex, now patented as V-Tex. The commercial product will begin trials in a Dutch supermarket next month.

Enviro-Cool (UK) Limited was supported as part of a wider EU industry consortium – Rapidcool – which received a grant of €932,000 from the European Union to progress the technology to commercial development. The Rapidcool consortium estimate that the average saving on electricity costs equate to £700 per replaced fridge per year.

Kelvin Hall, founder of Enviro-Cool (UK) Limited, said: “The development grant from the EU has enabled us to develop Rapidcool as a replacement to the existing, expensive, high energy use equipment, such as multi-deck open refrigerators and beverage merchandisers.

“We have received considerable interest from Asia and North America and now want to make European manufacturers and distribution channels aware of this new technology.”

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