Control this stylish Coffee Machine with your iPhone or iPad

Top Brewer is a high-end coffee machine that works in conjunction with an  iPhone/iPad app, letting users beam in their custom drink requests from across  the room. Created by Danish coffee machine manufacturer Scanomat, Top Brewer’s  minimalistic design features a single, adjustable-height spigot that rises out  of a stainless steel counter top, a drain and a sleek touch panel. The rest of  the machine’s guts, which include the brewer itself, two output grinders and  necessary ingredients for concocting the perfect cup of coffee, are hidden inside a  pull-out compartment beneath the counter top. Because the unit utilises two  output grinders, the time between brewing cups is kept to a minimum, allowing  for up to four cups of filter coffee per minute.

The machine’s custom app turns a user’s iPhone or iPad into a remote control  and allows users to connect to the machine wirelessly and select from a menu of  available drinks and cup sizes (small or large). Coffee freaks can go as far as  to pre-program their own favourite brew combinations, giving them complete  control of their coffee’s chemistry.

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