Coffee Real invests in small batch coffee roaster

The world’s most environmentally friendly small batch coffee roaster is being used at the Coffee Real roastery in West Sussex, UK.

Coffee Real has invested a total of £90,000 in its new 36kg Loring Smart Roast small batch roaster, described as the world’s most advanced small batch roaster.  At the heart of the machine, the patented Flavor-Lock Roasting Technology heats the air rather than the roasting drum itself, which is considerably gentler on the coffee bean.

In addition, the smokeless process also ensures a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The smoke created by the roasting process is itself incinerated within the machine. The clean, hot air is continually recirculated and at the end of the process, cleaner, cooler air is exhausted into the atmosphere.

“We could have halved our investment and bought a traditional roaster,” said Coffee Real MD, Gary Best. “But as a company, we have to challenge ourselves to improve constantly. We chose the Loring Smart Roast because of the control it gives us over the roast and the quality and clarity of the roast. Its environmental credentials are an added bonus, giving us even more flexibility

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