Coca Cola vending machine that takes any currency

While experimental Coca-Cola vending machines have recently accepted non-monetary currencies such as hugs and songs in exchange for beverages, students at the Miami Ad School Madrid have proposed a concept for a multiple currency Coca-Cola vending machine called “The Worldwide Machine.”

Accepting all types of global bills and coins, the vending machine would be programmed to detect genuine bills, as well as determine the correct amount required of any currency (or currency combination) to purchase a Coca-Cola.  The designers describe the project as “a strategy for the highly globalised brand to strip nationality from beverage purchasing”.

While the project is, at this stage, a novel concept, the backing technology is currently utilised in foreign currency exchange ATMs. Equipped with magnetic sensors and exchange calculators, foreign currency exchange ATMs allow people to exchange, withdraw and deposit cash and coins in multiple currencies.

Ideal for airports and travel hubs, “The Worldwide Machine” concept is also well suited for large-scale international events, such the World Cup, Asian Games and Olympics.

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