Cloud-based vending system

Gimme Vending, based in the States, has launched a cloud-based system that instantly delivers data exchange data from a vending machine to a company’s headquarters as the technician completes a vending machine service.

The plug-and-play solution “is poised to transform the vending industry”, claims the company, as it easily integrates with existing vending management systems and turns traditional vending machines into data-producing “smart” machines on demand.

This allows vending companies to track what’s happening in the field in real time, without the need for end-of-day downloading, synchronising or hand-keying, and the data produced enables clients clear visibility into the performance of each and every machine.

Deployment is easy, a Gimme Key is simply installed into each vending machine’s DEX board once and is left there. Data is then communicated wirelessly from the Key to the Gimme Drive app via Bluetooth Low Energy during each service visit. The data instantaneously uploads from the app to the Gimme Vending cloud.


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