“Arnie” – the Beer Vending Machine

An Ad agency in Boston has installed a beer vending machine, nicknamed Arnie, thanks to internal  funding from a new initiative ‘The Make Project’. The agency is setting aside  $100,000 each year to bring new and innovative ideas pitched by the staff to life. Arnie dispenses six varieties of beer crafted by the agency, including the  eponymous “Arnold Pilsner.”

Employees are given RFID fobs to use at the machine, which let them  have several free beers a month, and they can add credits if they would like  more. With the fobs, Arnie is able to recognize each person who uses it and talk  them through the vending process.

The beer vending machine has a touchscreen interface, an “Alepedia” which  describes the different beers, and data visualization tools that can give you  information like which day of the week the most beer was consumed. Arnie also  has a Twitter  account and is integrated to allow people to send a tweet straight from the  machine. The agency plans to extend the number of beer varities in the future,  with different types brewed that relate to specific cultural events, seasons and  clients.


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