Salt down, wholegrain servings up as PepsiCo UK reports on health pledges

Salt down, wholegrain servings up as PepsiCo UK reports on health pledges
PepsiCo UK – makers of Walkers, Tropicana, Pepsi, Quaker and Copella – announced today that it has reduced salt levels in its Walkers Crisps by a further 10%.

01 July 2011

The promise to reduce salt in its savoury snacks is just one of 27 health pledges PepsiCo made in its 2010 Health Report – a document outlining the company’s ambition to drive future business growth through healthier products.
Since the report was launched in March last year, PepsiCo has:

Further reduced salt in Walkers crisps by 11.7%, meaning Walkers are now 55% lower in salt than in 2005
Exceeded its target to deliver 1.7 billion servings of wholegrain, by delivering 1.9 billion servings, helped in particular through a 30% increase in sales of its Oat So Simple range
Invested in healthier ranges to broaden their appeal, such as Sunbites, which has recently benefitted from a multimillion pound advertising campaign featuring Rebecca Ferguson
Widened the distribution of healthier ranges, such as Tropicana which is now available in an additional 3,500 quick serve restaurants, thereby providing healthier alternatives for consumers on the go
Increased the proportion of its crisps and savoury snacks that are below 160 Calories per single serve from 71.8% to 73.3%.
Seen total retail sales of no-sugar Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max reach 66% of cola sales, almost doubling that of regular Pepsi, meaning PepsiCo has fulfilled its 2015 pledge four years ahead of schedule and continues to invest all advertising on no-sugar colas
Signed up to the Department of Health Responsibility Deal.

Richard Evans, President of PepsiCo UK and Ireland said:

“Today we report good progress on the 27 health commitments we made in March 2010. We’re delivering on our promise to reformulate our core products and we’re delivering on our promise to reshape our portfolio; today 54% of PepsiCo products are classed as healthier*.

“Our 2011 Health Update demonstrates that PepsiCo will play its part in finding solutions to improve public health. If we are going to balance the energy in/energy out challenge that we all face in modern life, we need to work together and find a multi-faceted solution.

“PepsiCo is a company that makes great apple and orange juice, wholesome porridge oats and boosted-smoothies as well as savoury snacks that are now lower in salt and increasingly popular no-sugar colas. It is also a company that will work to strengthen efforts to achieve public health goals and turn its vision of being a business whose future profit and growth is driven by healthier products into action.”

PepsiCo also recently announced a global partnership with Ferran Adrià, Chef of the El Bullirestaurant in Spain restaurant that has been named best in the world five times by Restaurant Magazine. The partnership brings together PepsiCo’s R&D teams and Mr Adrià and his chefs to create new flavours and food textures in order to develop healthier products with the great taste and quality consumers expect. Their work will focus on new snackable foods, breakfast options and convenience alternatives. Previously PepsiCo has worked with Mr Adrià to create new flavours for Spain’s Alvalle brand of chilled vegetable soups, and Lay’s Artesanas – 100% olive oil potato crisps.

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