Pouchlink Vending Machine


The  eco-friendly vending machine from The Green Drinks Company, which offers substantial energy savings and the lowest carbon footprint of any cold drinks vending machine in the world, is continuing to attract interest from healthy minded consumers in all walks of life.

The Pouchlink™ Machine is 80 per cent more energy efficient than a conventional cold drinks vending system. It achieves this by taking water out of the supply chain and making and packaging soft drinks in the vending machine itself rather than selling bulky bottles which have been transported from the factories they were filled in miles away.

The system filters mains water, momentarily flash chills it, mixing it with fresh fruit concentrate before packaging the drink in a flat-packed flexible pouch. The flash chill facility uses £200 a year less electricity than a traditional vending machine as it does away with the need for constant refrigeration, whilst its 1,000 pouch capacity means it needs less frequent re-stocking.

Schools, where the machine is welcomed as it ticks all the boxes for selling drinks in the school environment can choose from a selection of schools compliant water-based fruit drinks, which are free of sugar, artificial colours and artificial flavours and can also offer the One Water charity brand. Independent schools can additionally vend Vimto, Bottlegreen, Sunkist and Pomegreat brands.

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