PepsiCo to stop selling full-sugar drinks in schools by 2012

PepsiCo to stop selling full-sugar drinks in schools by 2012

PepsiCo says it is voluntarily adopting a new global policy to stop sales of full-sugar soft drinks to primary and secondary schools by 2012.

The industry leading policy establishes for the first time a consistent global approach to the sale of beverages to schools by a major beverage company.

The policy applies in all countries outside the US and is generally consistent with the company’s existing US policy, which remains unchanged.

PepsiCo chairman and CEO, Indra Nooyi, said: “We have long advocated for school settings to be made as conducive as possible to promoting the health of students, and we have programmes under way with school authorities in several countries to do that. This includes restoring or expanding physical education and promoting nutrition education. This global policy will serve as an important part of that mission, by expanding our offerings of low-calorie and nutritious beverages.”

Details of the PepsiCo policy were drawn up following discussions with the World Heart Federation in Geneva. The World Heart Federation is the premier non-governmental organisation recognised by the World Health Organization as its leading partner in the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease.
“The World Heart Federation welcomes PepsiCo’s announcement that it will launch a new policy on stopping the sale of sugary beverages to schools globally,” said Pekka Puska, president of the World Heart Federation. “The soft drinks industry has voluntarily removed full-calorie carbonated beverages from schools in certain countries. The World Heart Federation has been leading discussions with industry for such a policy at a global level and is pleased that PepsiCo is leading the way within the beverage industry.”

PepsiCo will work with its bottlers, vending companies and third-party distributors – in collaboration with parents, community leaders and schools officials around the world – to offer low-calorie beverages for primary and secondary schools.

The global school beverage policy continues to advance PepsiCo’s commitment to reducing calories in schools by offering students a wider range of low-calorie and nutritious beverages in appropriate portions. Should you wish to know more please contact us via email at – >

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