Bringing the “Juicing Craze” to vending

In San Francisco a company called Juice Cold Pressed has begun a campaign to bring its Raw Juice Bot to fruition.

Juice Bot’s makers say their invention is “as convenient as a Coke machine, dispensing raw juice, pressed in your city.” The machine offers 24 customisable drink combinations that can be mixed and matched by the ounce. Four tanks inside the vender hold juiced greens, roots, citrus fruits and seasonal fruits.

Experienced raw juice drinkers may prefer to have a vegetable-dense drink, while consumers new to juicing may prefer a more fruit-dense juice, according to Juice Bot’s developers. Reusable glass jars are dispensed from the machine, which holds 220 of them behind a glass door that opens when the customer pays, then locks shut. Patrons can also choose to use their own containers. A 22″ interactive screen displays drink choices, pricing and nutritional information, along with instructions on how to use the machine.

With a 15-sq.ft. footprint, the machine is designed to fit in locations ranging from gyms and yoga studios to offices and apartment buildings. The machine is self-contained, requiring no water hookup or plumbing for installation.

Raw juice retains optimal freshness for only up to two days due to oxidation, which can significantly alter and reduce nutrients and enzymes in the product by the time it reaches the customer. “With the current distribution system, it is impossible to get a juice that is locally made, bottle-less and pressed fresh within 48 hours. That’s why we made our own distribution system specifically for raw juice,” the company said.


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