Another step taken to reduce sugar intake

European vending machine manufacturers are to implement a default zero sugar level on hot drinks machines.

A group within the European Vending Association (EVA) representing 20 machine manufacturers, unanimously decided at a recent meeting to set a zero-sugar level on hot drinks machines as standard – with the objective of helping lower unintentional intake of sugar for consumers.

This now means that all hot drinks vending machines will be configured as standard in the factory with no added sugar, unless a specific request has been made otherwise. So, in practice, consumers who don’t want sugar, will no longer have to take action at a machine to actually remove the sugar option.

Typically, manufacturers set up their machines in the factory to ensure that the highest quality coffee can be dispensed. Until now, however, to reflect consumers’ taste demands, some sugar may have been added to coffee-based drinks in the initial setup; a configuration that had been developed over years.

This is an important step taken by the European manufacturers, to stop unintentional sugar intake from vending machines, and shows their commitment to encourage a more nutritious offering at vending machines.

It should be noted that this action is from the machine manufacturers and does not cover vending machine operators who, after purchasing the machine, could eventually amend its setup and, of course, the consumer will have the final say whether to choose to add sugar to their hot drink….. or not.

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