EVA celebrates its 20th year

The European Vending Association (EVA) has recently commemorated its 20th anniversary at its AGM and conference in Brussels.

The not-for-profit organisation represents the interests of the European coffee service, vending and pure water industries, covering all segments of the industry: operators, manufacturers of machines and components, and product suppliers.

Some 90 EVA members and other industry influencers attended the event held in mid-December. A lively presentation about the latest trends developing in the coffee market and an overview of projected fiscal measures from authorities on the industry were among the subjects discussed. Participants were also taken on a journey to what the future could be like in 2034, helping them imagine how vending could evolve in order to interact with a new, totally connected world.

Starbucks, an EVA member presenting, offered advice and tips on how to inspire a loyal following by customers, particularly through creating a “coffee shop experience” in vending.

An “innovations” session presented by members followed the main presentations, providing a platform for turning the spotlight on new developments in the vending industry. Speakers had only a few minutes to outline their projects. At the end of the session, the audience selected the development they felt was the most creative. The elected winner was Microtronic, which described its new online payment and marketing “e-vending” application.


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