AVA plans Annual General Meeting

The Automatic Vending Association (AVA) will hold its annual general meeting, conference and awards ceremony on Thursday, June 26, at the Palace Hotel in Manchester.

The topic of the conference is “The Future of Cash and Payment Systems.” Participants exchanging views will include Adam Lawrence, chief executive of the Royal Mint; David Hensley, head of cash services for the Payment Council; Paul Theobald, managing director of MEI UK International; Nick Mackie, senior product manager at Visa Europe; and Steve Alton, managing director of leisure at Vianet plc.  Advances in technology, the development of payment systems, the future of card payments for the industry and how to make the best use these changes to increase sales and profitability will be covered.

The AVA Vending Industry Awards recognise hard work and excellent service provided by outstanding individuals and businesses in the sector, AVA explained.

“This is set to be one of our largest and most well attended events yet,” said AVA chief executive Jonathan Hilder.  “The AGM, conference and awards not only give us the chance to debate important issues facing our industry at the moment, it also offers the opportunity to celebrate our most talented and innovative people,” Hilder added. “With more than 462,000 refreshment vending machines in the UK today, the vending industry is, as ever, an integral and essential part of our society.”

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