World’s Greenest Coffee Cup Is Compostable In 90 Days

Los Angeles-based green company Repurpose Compostables has launched an insulated coffee cup at Bed Bath & Beyond that is made from corn and uses soy based inks, making  it non-toxic and compostable in 90 days. The plant-based cups require 65% less Co2 to produce so they help lower your carbon footprint.

With a single wall, Repurpose cups are the least wasteful and greenest cups  you can buy, and the patented insulated technology ensures your hot beverages  remain hot and your cold drinks stay cold, while your hands are protected from both.

This product is launching with a ‘Repurpose This!’ campaign on Facebook.  People are encouraged to share photos of things they have  repurposed and every 90 hours, the most creative project is awarded a prize. At  the end of the 90-day campaign, the grand prize winner will receive an iPad2.  The team has also launched a commercial highlighting the fact that plastic cups  are petroleum-based so they are essentially lined with oil.

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