Smart recycling from Glasdon UK

The Nexus® Cup Bank is a stylishly designed unit to collect used drinks cups for recycling and store waste liquid separately.

The four cup apertures on top of the unit accept cups up to 98mm diameter, therefore allowing the collection of the majority of sizes of disposable cups. The unique stacker moulding on the inside of the door and body will collect the cups neatly and compactly within a clear plastic sack.

The unit is supplied with an 8ltr reservoir side pod as standard, to collect waste liquid prior to cup disposal. A max level indicator shows when the reservoir requires emptying. It has a drip tray positioned in the base of the door to collect any waste liquid, preventing it from spilling out on to the floor. An additional 8ltr side pod can be fitted – this can be either an extra reservoir for collecting waste liquid or a waste pod for teabags or stirrers.

Clear graphics make the Cup Bank easily identifiable for effective use. Standard graphic options and Recycle Now graphic options are available. Optional post-mounted or wall-mounting sign kits are also available to help promote the recycling message.

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