Reverse Vending Machines make recycling easier

Very often people want to recycle but aren’t sure how. This area of untapped  recycling potential is a business opportunity that many companies are  jumping in to fill. For example, what are you supposed to do  with fluorescent light bulbs? CFLs are widely encouraged as a  replacement for incandescent light-bulbs but, they do contain small amounts of mercury.

Things like batteries and CFLs should not be thrown away  with household hazardous waste (HHW) but many consumers don’t know what  they should be doing instead. This is what UK company reVend hopes to change – they are the first company in the world that specialises in  supplying “reverse vending machine systems, installation, material recovery and  recycling through their experienced management team in RV technology, recycling  and waste management.”

What all this means is very simple: when you put your CFL into a big slot in  the vending machine, a video camera fitted inside identifies the bulb so it can  be sorted, and then you receive a voucher for a free cup of coffee. Swapping an  old CFL for a cup of coffee sounds like a good deal! In addition to  recycling, reVend also provides regular maintenance services for their machines.  The machine also comes with an extractor filter to capture any mercury vapour in  case of accidental breakage of a light bulb.

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