Recycle old coffee grounds for fertilizer

The Detroit giant General Motors is making some interesting moves on clean  energy investment and waste diversion.

GM employees, led by its manager of waste  reduction John  Bradburn are doing their part to divert waste from landfill. Bradburn and  one of the groups within GM’s Warren Tech Centre are taking coffee grounds out  of the office and back home to their gardens. The coffee grounds alone add up to  about 3000 pounds not sent to waste dumps annually.

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients – your leftovers  from your morning cup of java can help plants thrive. Old coffee grounds are  great for vegetable gardens and are especially suited for crops that need acidic  soil. If you are trying to keep pests, rodents and  neighbourhood cats out of the garden, the coffee smell may repel them.  Home growing kit fanatics will find that the grounds are also a great bed  for mushrooms.

For Bradburn and his fellow gardening aficionados in Warren, their effort to  remove about 20 gallons of coffee grounds a week from the office is just one  example of how professionals at even small companies can take steps towards a  more sustainable business.


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