New featherlight range of vending cups

SwissPrimePack has introduced a new lightweight range of vending cups, underlining its commitment to a sustainable approach to the manufacture of its products.

The new cups are said to be as light as a feather and offer the operator economic and environmental benefits.

This is particularly true in these times of sharply rising raw material prices. All lightweight products from this range are on average 0.4 to 1.2 grams lighter than standard variants. The reduced use of materials and resultant savings in raw materials, as well as the reduction in transport weight have a clear message  transport weight is reduced and with it, the consumption of fuel.

The company calculates that a truck with an average load volume is reduced by around 1.8 tonnes compared with the same truck filled with standard cups. These savings in the weight of the product have been made without compromising their strict standards of quality  thus the saving in materials does not impact negatively on the performance of the cup within the vending machine.

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