Mars Drinks announces zero waste being sent to landfill

Mars Drinks announces zero waste being sent to landfill

Mars Drinks has achieved zero production waste being sent to landfill for its drinks factories in Basingstoke, UK, reducing its waste production sent to landfill from 600 tonnes a year to zero.

Over the last three years, the factories, which manufacture Klix drinks vending machines and Klix and Flavia drinks products, have been reviewing each stage of their manufacturing process to find alternative ways to either reuse or recycle materials.

This is yet another sustainability milestone for Mars Drinks, forming part of its ‘Thirsty for Change’ strategy to help reduce its own impact on the environment and that of its customers.

Peter Ramsay, environmental manager for Mars Drinks, has been leading the zero to landfill initiative in the factories. He describes some of the techniques that Mars Drinks uses when dealing with the by-products of the production process:
“Looking at each step of the manufacturing process, we’ve been able to find ways of either reusing or recycling materials – from the refurbishment of the machines to baling our cardboard for resale,” he said. “We also use the Waste To Energy (WTE) process, where power is produced and sent back into the national grid for future use.”

Through WTE each year, Mars Drinks is effectively saving enough electricity to power at least 30 homes. Should you wish to know more please contact us via email at – >

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