Hi-tech recyclable coffee pods

More and more businesses serviced by vending are seeking to reduce their environmental footprints by adopting eco-friendly policies, a trend that U.S. company Barrie House Coffee Co. does not take lightly.

The Company has engineered its own line of recyclable single-serve coffee and tea capsules to meet its exacting brewing standards and environmental concerns.

The single-serve foil-lidded plastic cups allow for 20% to 30% more ground roast coffee than traditional K-Cups, and permit enhanced water flow to produce a bigger cup with bolder flavour.

Another factor differentiating the capsule from many competing Keurig-compatible packs is its eco-friendly design and composition. Following more than three years of research and development sourcing materials and suppliers, the company decided on a recyclable cup with two peel able lids for easy removal of the compostable grounds and filter. Its original concept included a biodegradable cup, but after further analysis, the roaster determined that the composition would potentially be less “earth-friendly” than a recyclable plastic.

The Company selected a #2 recyclable plastic made from a combination of materials, including an oxygen scavenger that protect the integrity of the contents and ensure an optimal flavour. Inside is a custom-weave, high-yield biodegradable filter made from natural fibres. The lidding material is crafted from high-barrier recyclable aluminium, and the capsules are packed in boxes made with at least 35% post-consumer recyclable paperboard.

To dispose of brewed Barrie House capsules in an eco-friendly way, users can simply let them cool and then peel back the tab to separate the top and bottom lids to remove the compostable filter and coffee grounds. The capsules, lids and boxes can then be discarded wherever these recyclables are accepted.



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