Green transport for water cooler firm

UK-based Countrywise Water Coolers has invested £70k in two 7.5-tonne hybrid delivery lorries intended to lower its carbon footprint.

The Mitsubishi Canters, which can each carry up to 150 19-litre water cooler bottles, will be used for deliveries in and around the Hull and Grimsby areas and save on fuel because they run on a battery during low speeds and are recharged as they drive.

The Canter’s 3-litre turbo diesel engine has been combined with a 40kW electric motor to help lower fuel consumption and emissions.

And the combination of the engine’s energy recovery and automatic start/stop (ISS) system will help Countrywise save around 23% in fuel when compared with a conventional Canter diesel model, which in turn helps lower CO2 emissions.

Rebecca Stow, Countrywise Water Coolers’ general operations director, said: “These two new lorries are a welcome addition to our existing delivery fleet of 12 trucks and vans, and we chose them because of their eco credentials. We are constantly looking at ways of reducing our carbon footprint. For example, we ask our clients to save the plastic drinking cups we provide them, as they can be recycled, and our water cooler bottles reused up to 50 times.”


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