Eden Springs cuts carbon emissions by half

Eden Springs has offset its carbon emissions across half of its European markets.  Since 2010, Eden has been working with the Carbon Neutral Company to minimise the environmental impact of its main water cooler operations, which sees the company deliver 450 million litres of water to a more than half a million offices, across 15 countries.

As part of this partnership, Eden carried out a life cycle analysis across its business – a process which estimates the environmental cost across a company’s multiple activities and identifies where carbon savings can be made.

Eden has implemented carbon offsetting investments which have led to the company being awarded 100% Carbon Neutral certification in seven of its markets including the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.

In addition to carbon offsetting, Eden has put in place a number of initiatives to furthermore support its environmental efforts. These measures include its ‘save a cup’ campaign, to promote recycling across its office based customers, electronic billing, the development of low energy use water coolers, as well as the introduction of ‘long life’ water cooler bottles which can be cleaned and used up to 50 times before being recycled. This means one Eden bottle can deliver 950 litres of water in its lifetime.

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