Bottled water recycling on the increase

The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) has revealed that new data from the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) and the Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC) show the bottled water industry continuing to reduce its environmental footprint.

This is due to significant increases in recycling and the use of less plastic in single-serve PET bottled water containers. According to the report,  the recycling rate for single-serve PET plastic bottled water containers – now at almost 39% – has more than doubled in the last seven years.  The Corporation also reported that over the last 11 years the average weight of a 16.9oz (half-litre) single-serve PET plastic bottled water container has dropped by almost 47.8%, to 9.9g.

In its study, NAPCOR states that in 2011 (the most recent available data) there were approximately 1.3 billion pounds of PET plastic water bottle containers available for recycling in the US, of which 500 million pounds was reclaimed for recycling.  PET plastic bottled water containers are the most frequently recycled PET beverage container in curbside recycling programmes.

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