Artist Spends Hours In Store Window Drawing On Coffee Cups

Coffee cups suspended in midair! The mobile telecom company,  Sprint, that normally occupies the retail space, has put together an art gallery which will present exhibits that emphasize the company’s  commitment to promoting environmental responsibility and balancing technological  development with green initiatives.

The exhibit is more than an installation — it’s performance art. Gwyneth  Leech draws on the used (but clean) cups 5 days a week, from 11am to 2pm, and  she continues to hang and rearrange the cups from the ceiling as she creates new  ones. The installation is constantly shifting and evolving, and it’s also  participatory. Anyone is invited to bring their used cup (no Styrofoam, please!)  to become a part of the exhibit, and Leech encourages onlookers to draw on cups  themselves (children usually being braver than their parents).

The simplicity of this project and its message–that everyday objects have  multiple uses, and should be repurposed–creates a playful and lively yet calming  centre for a city’s busy atmosphere.

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