WaterCoolersDirect partners with InSinkErator

WaterCoolersDirect, a UK-​based online water cooler supply business, has been appointed as a full service distributor for the InSinkErator brand of boiling taps across the UK.

InSinkErator, part of the Emerson Appliance Solutions group, is a major name in sink appliance solutions with its range of waste disposal units and steaming hot water taps.

Delivering up to 100 cups of 98°c filtered water per hour, these instant hot water taps offer safe, filtered hot water, as well as cold with some models, and use less energy than a 40 watt light bulb.

Ashley Munden, sales and marketing director at InSinkErator, said: “InSinkErator UK has benefited from a consumer desire for efficient appliances in the kitchen, both across food waste disposers and steaming hot water taps, and we have capitalised on this.”

Fred Cairns Palmer, managing director at WaterCoolersDirect, said: “Our business is built on representing leading brands. The InSinkErator hot taps offer excellent environmental credentials being 18%+ less expensive to operate than a standard electric kettle when heating water.

“As the trend for breakroom products increases in the UK, more and more companies want to keep their employees productive and optimise office time. Hot taps are instant and research shows that after just the 11th boiled cup, you are saving money with a hot tap.  We see an exciting 12 months ahead as breakrooms become the vending areas of the future.”

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