Water coolers – they’ve come a long way

We are seeing less and less of the basic white plastic box water coolers as manufacturers are now designing units that are both pleasing to look at and functional.

Today’s latest models combine advanced technologies with ambitious aesthetic design and usability, and their success relies on achieving the all-important balance between these elements.

Relatively untapped (excuse the pun) at the moment is the home cooler market which has huge potential – especially with coolers that also provide efficient hot water systems and could replace both the kettle and filter jug. Some manufacturers predict that home coolers “are set to become integral kitchen appliances, with a range to suit every kitchen style”.

As far as the office coolers of the future are concerned, again the feeling is that  these will be “completely in tune with the environment in which they are placed” and will either be wall recessed or wall mounted.

Whilst cooler manufacturers continue to make their units more energy efficient, hygienic and integrated, they are also working on reducing the floor print of the cooler; streamlining; soft-touch, or no-touch activation.  They have come a long way.

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