Water cooler market shows growth

At the recent Bottled Water Cooler Association (BWCA) Conference delegates were told that the bottled water cooler market had performed better than mains-fed units in terms of both volume and value growth last year.

Attendees heard that the overall cooler market recorded average volume growth of 1.5% last year. The British market is currently operating around 645,000 water coolers, as consumers continue to turn to water for the preferred calorie-free drink.

Bottled water cooler sales revenue has increased by 5% year on year and the volume split between the two segments of the market continues to be weighted towards bottled water coolers, which account for 53% of all units.

The Conference speakers highlighted that “…mains-fed remains cut-throat. The key customers are usually in the public sector and so this is a tricky area for companies dealing with their customers’ cost-cutting and head-count reductions. There are large, best price tenders to compete for and so the need to compete on price makes revenue generation ever more difficult in this segment.”

“The return of business confidence in the private sector boosted bottled water cooler sales. This is excellent news for the industry.”

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