Water cooler industry holds steady

The annual Watercoolers Europe (WE) conference and trade show, was held this year in Istanbul, Turkey. The key players in the industry had made the journey to where Europe meets Asia to see what the latest moves and innovations will be in the industry, as we approach the end of the year.

The delegates attending the conference (mostly from Europe, North America and Asia) reported that the event was a real mix of optimism, realism and understanding that the industry still faces challenges and issues for the future.

The water cooler industry across Europe is on a ‘positive track – up 1.3%, according to market analyst at Zenith International. West Europe grew by 1.2%, although bottled water coolers saw a fall of 3%, with growth only in Austria, Italy and Belgium. The mains-fed market in West Europe grew by 8% in 2011, to nearly 1.1 million units.

The trade show was reasonably well-attended with some innovations on offer, including the new Belmoca espresso coffee machines from Sip-Well, which have a nice, designer appeal. Interesting to see sole coffee equipment at a WE show and there will no doubt be more of this cross-over in the future.

In other WE news, Waterlogic has recently joined the association, quite a statement from the company which is purely a mains-fed water cooler business, for the time being anyway, as well as a breakthrough for WE as it pursues its ‘two industries, one voice’ platform further.

Next year’s event is already planned for Berlin, from 16-17 October 2013.

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