Water Cooler Code of Practice for schools launched

The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) has just published the Guidelines for the Location, Use & Servicing of Bottled Water & Mains-​Fed Water Coolers in Schools.

This is a practical and comprehensive manual to ensure that those responsible for managing the water coolers in schools avoid falling foul of the law or of general good practice when it comes to hygiene and safety, according to BWCA.

The guide warns that due to use by school children, hygiene is of paramount importance. It covers the safety aspects of installing water bottles on bottle-​fed coolers as well as guiding you on the installation and maintenance of mains-​fed coolers.

There is a list of areas of low and high risk for the use of coolers around the school buildings. The BWCA is the body responsible for accrediting and policing the top companies providing water coolers in the UK.

The publication of this guide follows the recent launch of a publication on the Use & Maintenance of Personal Water Bottles in Schools to advise schools on the use of refillable bottles from water coolers or other source of water.

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