PHS Waterlogic certified to hold Carbon Reduction Label

PHS Waterlogic is the world’s first company to have the carbon footprint of its water dispenser service certified by Carbon Trust Certification, and to display the Carbon Reduction Label.

Carbon Trust Certification certified the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases emitted by the service at every stage throughout its lifecycle, including manufacture, transportation, preparation and usage, right through to final disposal.

The Carbon Reduction Label communicates that the carbon footprint has been accurately measured and that PHS Waterlogic is publicly committed to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of its drinking water dispenser service across the lifecycle, over a two-year period.

“Carbon performance is quite rightly becoming an increasingly important part of choosing suppliers, and we are committed to reducing the impact of drinking water provision for all organisations,” said PHS Waterlogic managing director David Matthews. “PHS Waterlogic now provides robust data on the carbon footprint of a range of its mains-fed dispenser services, allowing customers to make informed, sustainable purchasing decisions and meet their own environmental targets.”

To qualify to use the Carbon Reduction Label, PHS Waterlogic had to be certified by Carbon Trust Certification Limited to the British Standards Institution’s Publicly Available Specification 2050:2008 (PAS 2050:2008), the Carbon Trust’s Code of Good Practice and the Carbon Trust’s Footprint Expert Guide.

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