New filtered water bottle uses ancient all-natural Japanese technique

London-based design consultancy Black + Blum have designed a water bottle that ditches  high-tech filtration for a more back-to-the-basics approach.

The water bottle, called Eau Good, contains a stick of active carbon called  Binchotan, sourced from trees, and is the same stuff the Japanese have been  using to filter their water for centuries. This eco-friendly stick works just  like your Brita, filtering chlorine and other chemicals out, balancing the pH,  and putting the good minerals back in.

Black + Blum designed the bottle to be easy on the eyes and kind to the  environment. The charcoal stick sits snugly in a curvy BPA-free bottle, has a  cork top, and filters for up to 6 months. When it’s time to exchange the filter,  you can toss your old one in the compost.

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