New drinking water solutions from Waterlogic

PHS Waterlogic has introduced new hot, cold, sparkling and ambient tabletop variants and new versions of its freestanding water coolers in its Waterlogic 3 range.

Following last year’s successful launch of the Waterlogic 3 freestanding cold, ambient and sparkling water coolers, the company recognised that one size doesn’t fit all and launched the latest options to give customers a greater choice of competitively priced, pure drinking water dispensers.

The units all feature Firewall UV technology combined with BioCote – antimicrobial technology added to the water cooler during the manufacturing process.

The range has a capacity of up to 80 cups per hour and a number of features, including overflow and leak detection systems, touch-sensitive buttons, automatic purification monitoring, compressors with eco-friendly gas and energy saving models equipped with sleep mode.


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