New carbonated water cooler on the market

Over recent years the water cooler industry has seen an increase in demand for point of use coolers. As the market share has risen in POU so has the percentage of coolers offering carbonated water.

With the market growing and demand for carbonated water increasing, Ebac has announced its newest cooler – The Fleet – which is now available in a carbonated option.

The Fleet Carbonated Cooler uses direct chill technology – also known as ice bank technology. In the Fleet Carbonated Cooler, the whole carbonation chamber sits in a reservoir of chilled water and ice. By keeping the carbonation chamber at a low temperature the water is able hold its fizz for longer, resulting in the ‘best tasting sparking water possible’.

Unlike some other carbonated coolers, the Fleet also provides chilled sparkling water on demand, with no waiting period whilst the water is carbonated.

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