Launch of new water dispenser

PHS Waterlogic has launched the new ‘Waterlogic 3’ mains-fed water dispenser.

According to PHS, the Waterlogic 3 joins the Waterlogic 4 in offering the best purification technology in the market.  A combination of Firewall UV technology, high performance carbon filtration, BioCote antimicrobial technology and other supporting features, means that the unit offers a level of purity and performance unmatched by any competing POU dispenser.

In independent tests performed at the Dr Lörcher Institute in Germany, Firewall technology was proven to guarantee protection against even the most resistant species of bacteria. This, says PHS Waterlogic, is due to the patented repositioning of the UV purification system to the point of dispense to ensure perfectly purified water, whilst preventing any possibility of back contamination from human or natural airborne bacteria.

High performance filtration is also incorporated in the Waterlogic 3, with advanced carbon filters effectively removing chlorine, sediment and volatile organic compounds from the mains-fed water. The filtration process uses activated carbon to eliminate these contaminants and impurities by using chemical absorption.

Externally the dispenser is protected by BioCote antimicrobial technology, which inhibits the growth of micro-organisms on the cooler’s surface.  This in-built protection acts as second line defence and effectively reduces the levels of bacteria to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

The Waterlogic 3 provides both cold/ambient and cold/ambient/sparkling water options through the same dispenser. Standing 1140mm high, the Waterlogic 3 has a 2 litre capacity for cold water delivery and 1.6 litres for sparkling, vending 80 cups cold and 60 cups sparkling water per hour. The dispense area on the unit is positioned at 210mm in height.

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