Evian Smart Drop Wi-​Fi fridge magnet

Danone has created Evian Smart Drop, a Wi-​Fi-​enabled fridge magnet that enables consumers to have water delivered directly to their homes or business.

The Evian Smart Drop is around 10cm high and features an LED screen. Consumers can set it to deliver a certain amount of Evian and specify the date they want it delivered. With the touch of a button, the order is sent instantly using your home or office Wi-​Fi network.

Initially, the target audience is single-​family homes and small businesses, and for the time being, the Evian Smart Drop and its website is only available in Paris and its suburbs. (The site only works if an appropriate postcode is entered.)

The website also permits delivery of other Danone water products such as Badoit or Volvic water.

Delivery is free with purchases over €15 and the company picks up empty bottles for recycling. As well as the Smart Drop, a mobile app for smartphones is expected soon.


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