Dolphin takes over Eden Springs’ bottling activities in Sweden

To expand the five Gallon contract bottling business to Scandinavia, Dolphin has taken over Eden Springs’ bottling activities in Porla Brunn Sweden per the 1 November 2012.

With the additional volume in Scandinavia, Dolphin is in the top five of largest European bottlers for the Watercooler industry. It is situated between Stockholm, Malmo, Göteborg and Oslo.

MD Peter Hogervorst, said: “This acquisition will lead to synergy effects between the Dolphin plants in Holland and Scandinavia on quality, purchasing, knowledge and management systems.

“Contract bottling for other customers in Scandinavia and bottling of the SmartPack consumer pack will expand Porla Brunn’s activities. Next step is to expand our webshop to Sweden.”

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