BWCA & Eden Springs rescue Powwow customers

BWCA & Eden Springs rescue Powwow customers

British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) to offer ex-Powwow customers a seamless and professional transition to a new supplier. The BWCA is committed to ensuring that every ex-Powwow customer has access to a continued supply of mains-fed or bottle-fed water coolers from an approved BWCA member.

How does it work?
All Powwow contracts for bottled water coolers have, with immediate effect, been assigned to Eden Springs Ltd. Eden Springs and BWCA members (participating members only) have entered into an agreement confirming that any existing Powwow customer contracts can be reassigned to a participating BWCA distributor member.

Who are the participating BWCA Members?
Eden Springs UK
Angel Springs
Cameron Water
Countrywise Water Coolers
Culligan International UK
Edgars Cool Water
Glastonbury Spring Water Company
H20 on the Go
ISIS Office Hydration
Norfolk Water
Office Watercoolers
Office Watercoolers (Southwest)
Prince’s Gate Cool Water
Seaton Spring
Swithland Spring Water
The Cooler Company (Midlands)
Water at Work (Midlands)
Water at Work (south)
Water For Work & Home
Wenlock Spring Water.

What are the benefits of this arrangement to you?
This agreement allows a professional, legal and seamless continuation of supply to all former Powwow customers through participating BWCA members. The BWCA and Eden Springs believe that this action represents a responsible solution for customers, suppliers and the industry. Should you wish to know more please contact us via email at – >

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