Bottled water market in China is booming

China’s bottled water consumption grew by 14% in 2012 to 54 billion litres according to a new report published.

The market’s value has risen by 143% since 2008 and reached over $16 billion in 2012.

The report states:  “China’s rapid urbanisation and economic growth mean that more people are on the move, leading busier lifestyles and with a better understanding of health. General consumer concerns over pollution and purity have helped bottled water to be chosen as an affordable preference.”

Among other findings in the report were:

  • Consumption per person reached 40 litres in 2012, well ahead of the Asia Pacific average at 27 litres. Higher rates in Indonesia and Korea indicate continued growth opportunity for China.
  • There are many leading regional players with potential for further expansion.
  • Bulk water remains dominant, but mid-size packaging such as 1.5 litres and 4-5 litres, has advanced strongly.

The report forecasts that the Chinese bottled water market will have increased by a further 73% in 2017.


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