Bottled water companies have new guide to measure environmental footprint

The European Federation of Bottled Waters (EFBW) has announced the adoption of a new instrument for the assessment of the environmental impact of bottled water throughout its life cycle.

EFBW’s Product Category Rules (or PCR) have been specifically designed to allow bottled water operators to accurately measure their environmental footprint, hereby enabling them to optimise their processes so as to reduce the environmental impact wherever possible.

This tool will ultimately lead to an increase in producers’ efficiency and environmental accountability. In short, the PCR tool will enable bottled water producers to measure the environmental impact of bottling, supplying and enjoying one litre of mineral water. It will provide an assessment based on information input, including electricity use, storage and cooling/refrigeration.

The European Federation of Bottled Waters hopes that its PCR will be adopted as the standard for assessing environmental footprint throughout the bottled water industry, and may even serve as a standard bearer for similar industries that also seek to comply with the highest environmental standards.


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