Angel Springs partners with Greenworks

Greenworks Solutions is to merge its water cooler division, Greenworks Water, with water cooler distributor Angel Springs.

Greenworks has over 15,000 mostly mains fed water coolers and this transaction further helps Angel Springs to become one of the leading supplier of both bottled and mains fed coolers in the UK market.

Managing director of Greenworks Adam Warren commented: “We are delighted to have found the right partner for our customers and staff. In Angel Springs, we recognise a company that can continue our culture of great customer care plus, appreciate the skills and knowledge our staff will bring with them.”

“Greenworks Solutions will continue with its other B2B services. However, it has become clearly evident to us that a coffee and water offering are very different business models, and in order to focus our skills and resources on coffee, we needed to find a good home for the water division, and Angel has provided this.”

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