A fun night out for some – the International Water Tasting Competition

More than 150 people watched at the 22nd annual International Water Tasting Competition in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia on Saturday night as eleven media judges spent hours tasting and selecting from among 77 waters sourced in twenty states and nine foreign countries. There were 32 municipal waters from a dozen states, Canada and South Korea.

A pair of Canadian waters took home the gold as both best tap water in the world, and best bottled water. Greenwood, British Columbia won the coveted best tasting tap water in the world with St Henry, Ohio winning best in the USA. The remaining places were claimed by American waters.

The water tasting’s first Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to marketing guru and water executive James M Stevens, widely credited with ‘inventing’ the bottled water segment of the US beverage industry when he introduced Perrier to America in the 1970s.

Not only did bottled water come literally from all over the globe to compete including Argentina, Japan, Bosnia and Belgium but Bulgarians, Koreans and Chinese accompanied their water entries to the event.

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