A 5-Gal bottle water vending system

Two longtime Massachusetts-based water firms have teamed up with the nation’s largest bottled water company to pilot Aqua Express 25, a
five-gallon, high-tech vending machine.

The new bulk water vendor exchanges an empty return for a deposit credit and allows a customer to purchase a prefilled five-gallon water bottle. Cashless capable and fully insulated, Aqua Express 25s are designed to operate 24/7 year-round.

The water operators are hoping to place machines outside major retail and supermarket sites, as well as at convenience stores and petrol stations. The trial is reportedly beginning this month.

It took more than a year of research and development to design and fabricate a prototype of the machine and its makers believe the Aqua Express 25 will be a next generation of water distribution system for cooler-sized bottles used in homes and offices.

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