Vending payment systems – what are the choices?

If you are going to offer refreshments to your staff, you will find that you have numerous options to choose from before deciding on how your staff are going to pay for this service.

Cashless solutions can be the answer and have shown in many situations to boost revenue from the vending machines.  It goes without saying that, if something is easy to use, you will use it more regularly.

Using a credit card immediately comes to mind but there are employee cards that can be connected to apps and of course introducing loyalty programmes can encourage staff to increase their buying habits. Installing Telemetry can capture consumer data and be used to offer promotions and of course the vending machines can then become interactive, connected and smart. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

We have specialists in our team that can advise on this challenging and frequently changing area, as it’s important to get the payment system that’s right for your business and that both you and your employees can enjoy the benefits on offer.

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