Innovative mobile payments

Harris+Hoole, the speciality coffee venture, is promising to radically alter the consumer experience by becoming the UK’s first retailer to allow customers to pay without having to touch, tap, or scan at a counter.

H+H’s innovative mobile app has been enhanced to include a new payments facility, giving customers the option to load pre-paid amounts upfront.

By checking in as they enter the shop, prepaid customers will be able to have a barista hand craft coffee made to their personal preferences in just one tap on their mobile. Unlike with other app payment solutions, when customers get to the till, there is no need to get their phone out again. They simply need to confirm they will be paying by app when the barista asks, and everything else is done automatically.

The app revolutionises the in-store payments process, integrating with the point of sale (POS) and customer relationship management (CRM) tool to create an effortless transaction experience; it also has the ability to set “My Usual”.

The new payments facility, paired with a new till system, is currently being rolled out across all 36 Harris+Hoole shops.


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