Micro Markets up for discussion at AVEX

The Automatic Vending Association (AVA) has recently announced one of its speakers at AVEX 2017.

John Chidiac, president of 365 International, will speak on the subject of the Micro Market industry, including the reasons why they are so popular in the US and why they continue to grow at such a fast pace. This is a hot topic of discussion for the vending industry and one that is sure to attract a lot of interest amongst visitors and exhibitors.

John will also discuss how Micro Markets are perceived by consumers and operators, sharing the positive financial impact on operators and explaining features and functionalities of the trend. As part of his talk, John will also conclude with a vision of the future for the market and new products and services to satisfy demand.

The AVEX exhibition will be held at the NEC, Birmingham on 12th-13th September 2017.

Crane unveil its new Voce

Vending machine manufacturer Crane Merchandising Systems has launched the newest model in its Voce range of machines, called the Voce Icon.

The Icon was launched to the vending community at Vendex 2016 and is available in both fresh brew tea and espresso variants,voceicon-113x300 with a static top graphic as well as an optional 21.5″ easy-to-use, USB media screen. The machine has a smart illuminated vend area and backlit touch sensitive buttons.

Crane report that there has been a very positive response from customers and the company is focused on getting Voce Icon ready for field trial soon.

Keurig Green Mountain – now goes Kold

In the States recently, Keurig Green Mountain announced its Keurig Kold machine, due to be launched later this year.

Keurig Kold will allow consumers to home-brew fresh Coke, iced teas and sparkling water, but unlike the Sodastream machines, the system will not require a CO2 canister for preparation of carbonated drinks.


Red Espresso – what’s that?

Red Espresso® is Rooibos tea that has been refined, under patent, to a consistency that allows it to be used in any manual or automatic coffee maker. Now, as well as the original loose form and soft pods, it’s available in Nespresso compatible capsules.

Apparently, Red Espresso is an antioxidant rich coffee alternative that contains no caffeine, preservatives, colouring or additives and is made entirely from wild grown, hand-harvested South African Rooibos.

It has an unique flavour, naturally sweet with slightly earthy undertones and it provides a full-bodied, rich and well-rounded mouth-feel with a refreshing, clean finish. It is dark red in colour and produces an excellent crema so that, visually, it has the appearance of espresso coffee. So, another “speciality drink” for us to try, along with the cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos etc. etc.etc.

The “One Touch” coffee centre

The new Swiss-made Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT uses freshly ground beans instead of pods or capsules.

This is the first model in the ‘Z’ line to include a 3.5in TFT (Thin-Film-Transistor) colour display, making it easy to personalise your brew. Graphics and text showcase the type of beverage, number of ounces, coffee strength and amount of milk.

This model features six programmable beverage buttons that can be labelled by the name of beverage or with people’s names to denote their favourite brew.


Milk frothing – getting the temperature right

It appears that a new product is being launched by the trade wholesaler Cream Supplies.

There have been many variations on the idea of a milk-frothing jug featuring built-in thermometers, to show when the milk has reached optimum temperature – now Cream Supplies has launched a stick on item, the TempTag, which attaches to the outside of a jug and gives a visual indication of milk reaching the right temperature. There are several versions, reacting at different temperatures and in different colours to assist in identifying jugs being used for different milks.

The company says an external measurement is more hygienic than a thermometer dipped into the milk, and avoids any obstruction in milk frothing.


Cup lid warns when coffee is too hot to drink

An award-winning heat-sensitive coffee cup lid that warns of hot contents by turning bright red is now available.

The Smart Lid provides a solution to the problem. When the heat-sensitive lid is placed on a hot drink, it changes colour to bright red, making it easy to warn when the coffee is hot enough to scald. The lid is direct food contact compliant, so it’s safe to use and turns bright red above 118˚F. When the coffee cools, the Smart Lid changes colour again.

“The Smart Lid is currently being sold to cafes in Australia,” said Smart Lid Systems director Anthony Bayss. “However, the number one question we receive every day comes from North America and from Europe, asking when the Smart Lid will be available in your home or in your office.”

Bayss added, “In the US alone, there are 180 million daily coffee drinkers and 170 million daily tea drinkers. These drinkers now have a visual warning indicator to aid in the prevention of many scald accidents. The end game for us is to have the product available to all consumers through the major retailers.”


New technology brings us 99.9999% pure water

Waterlogic, a leading designer, manufacturer, distributor and operator of point-of-use (“POU”) drinking water purification and dispensing systems, claim that their Waterlogic 4 Firewall™ “combines breakthrough technology and stunning design in the ultimate cooler to provide the cleanest, freshest water there is”.

The water dispenser has 3 core technologies:

  • The filtration technology removes chlorine and other water-borne tastes and odours.
  • The Firewall UV purification will wipe out impurities, cleansing the water to 99.9999%. As an added layer of protection, the UV light keeps the dispensing nozzle from becoming contaminated.
  • The outside is protected too – BioCote® keeps the dispensing area free from bacteria.

The machine is suited to high usage in a busy workplace and is available with hot, cold, ambient and sparkling options.


New on the market – Dasani Sparkling water beverage

The Coca-Cola Company has extended its purified water brand Dasani with Dasani Sparkling Water Beverage – with water, a hint of flavour, and ‘bubbles’.  It is unsweetened, has zero calories, is lightly carbonated and infused with natural flavours. It is available in four flavours: lime, lemon, berry and apple as well as an unflavored variety.

Dasani Sparkling will begin appearing in retail outlets in December 2013, with a national launch scheduled for February 2014.

Italian entrées available from vending machines

New from US company Barilla are microwaveable Italian pasta entrées for vending machines.

The long-life 9-oz. single-serve meals are made with the same ingredients used in the Barilla dry pasta and jarred sauces that line supermarket shelves.  The new platters are all natural. They are packaged to retain their taste, texture and freshness for 12 months at room temperature. The pasta and sauce are held in separate compartments of the same tray, and are warmed in a microwave in 60 seconds. Six varieties are available:

“Barilla Italian Entrées are a natural fit for convenience and vending environments,” said Steve Napoli, director of foodservice at Barilla America. “The packaging innovation allows for an all-natural, authentic Italian and fresh-tasting item on the go, in just 60 seconds.”