Case Study: Which? Consumers turn to Thirst Link for advice

Thirst Link offer a completely free initial consultation during which we listen to the issues and discuss them with the client. At this meeting, we will confirm what a client will receive from us, how long it will take and how much it will cost (if at all).

The Consumer Advisory Company Which? approached us for such a meeting, as they required a review of the vending and water services at their London and Hertfordshire offices.  We were subsequently appointed to undertake an assessment and benchmark of these services.


The Thirst Link team has a diverse range of skills and experience which allows us to assist a client to make their beverage (and food) services both excellent and cost effective.

We know which vending operators and water supplies are appropriate for each sector and understand their strengths and weaknesses and cultural fit for each client.

So, following an in depth study of the client’s requirements, Thirst Link went to tender with suitably qualified and able companies who could deliver the required level of service.

We were able to bring a fresh perspective to Which? who are now enjoying the benefits of what Thirst Link’s expert advice and direction helped them to put in place – pretty important when clients can be contracted for up to 5 years with a supplier.