Case Study: The right solution at the right price

Following the merger of two companies, a large national insurance company had two vending operators in place and was looking to award a National contract to provide uniformity of service and equipment throughout its 6 UK locations. There were variable tariffs and no effective means of measuring service and quality levels.

Thirst Link was tasked with finding “the right solution at the right price”. Effectively working as a trusted extension to the client’s FM and Contracts teams, we assisted with the terminating of existing contracts and drafting of the new bespoke operating and lease agreements, with specific clauses to ensure the client’s best interests were protected.

After a rigorous tender process, a National contract was awarded to the supplier, chosen by the client, with one standardised tariff applied to all sites. Subsequently, sales volumes have increased significantly and there is now positive staff feedback amongst the 5,500 employees.

Thirst Link attends all review meetings with the operator, where performance is measured against an effective SLA. By providing a first class service, central invoicing and detailed management reports, the client now has a clear snapshot of KPIs against objectives and all associated vending costs.

The reduction in the client’s vending subsidy was achieved without eroding the vending operator’s profits, as savings were derived from making the vending operation more streamlined and efficient, plus increasing sales revenue………..and all at no cost to the Company! – Thirst Link’s fee was written off by the successful bidder in recognition of the benefits Thirst Link’s involvement also brings to them.

The Group Services Director commented “I could never have devoted the time necessary to achieve the exceptional results that our business now benefits from. I would not hesitate to recommend Thirst Link to any business that is looking to bring a higher degree of professionalism and specialist industry knowledge to their vending operation”.