Case Study: A Smart vending and cashless system



The Property Management Director for a leading Bank in the city of London was trying to resolve the problem of incorporating a bespoke, modern cashless system into their newly refurbished staff restaurant, in addition to replacing all vending machines throughout the building.



At the same time, the security management division was also looking at systems to upgrade the door entry and controlled/restricted access system in place. Thirst Link was asked to assist in finding a solution to all the various stakeholders’ requirements.

Thirst Link conducted and coordinated a detailed review to include consultation with all stakeholders and heads of departments, taking into account the various factors that needed to be taken to consideration. We compiled two separate detailed tender documents, one for vending and one for cashless which were then sent to a shortlist of potential suppliers that were identified as being able to meet the specific requirements.

On behalf of the client, Thirst Link critiqued and evaluated all the bid responses, using our unique templates and methods to ascertain the best possible fit for both the vending and cashless system applications. Suitable companies were then requested to attend a presentation to all the stakeholders concerned.

Backed up by our industry knowledge and assistance, the client was able to select a vending operator and cashless system provider to work in unison and provide the hardware and service support necessary to ensure a reliable vending operation and a cashless solution that is as future proof as possible.

After assisting to put in place the lease and service contracts, Thirst Link then prepared a detailed SLA document and implementation plan that effectively covered all the many aspects involved with mobilising a multi faceted vending, cashless and security system.

The client now has a modern bespoke vending and cashless system which meets all their requirements and contains the very latest technology.  Our advice and hands-on involvement reduced their current (and budgeted) vending subsidy by hundreds of thousands of pounds and also saved the client’s management team valuable time during this two year project.